Boost Your Sales: Yacla's Qualified Lead Generation Services

Buying qualified leads

In today's competitive landscape, obtaining high-quality leads is essential for increasing sales and achieving growth. Yacla, a B2C lead provider and B2B lead supplier, specializes in delivering qualified, engaged leads directly to companies' CRM systems. With no hidden costs and transparent quality control, Yacla's innovative strategies make lead acquisition simple and effective.

Innovative Lead Generation Strategies

Yacla uses cutting-edge strategies to ensure that companies receive only the most relevant and engaged leads. Through a combination of online advertising, meticulous lead qualification and rigorous quality control, Yacla guarantees a constant influx of high-potential leads. This approach eliminates guesswork, allowing companies to focus on closing sales and increasing revenues.

Customized solutions for various sectors

Yacla's expertise spans many sectors, offering lead generation solutions tailored to the energy, telecommunications, renovation, B2B, security and insurance industries. Each industry-specific strategy ensures that the leads generated are perfectly matched to the unique needs and objectives of companies in these fields.

Renovation and Construction

For the renovation and construction sector, Yacla offers specific lead generation solutions to obtain qualified leads for services such as thermal insulation, pellet stove installation or window replacement.


Companies in the telecoms sector can benefit from exclusive, geolocated leads, interested in offers such as mobile subscriptions, fixed-line telephony or streaming services, delivered directly into their CRM for rapid conversion.


Yacla helps insurance companies obtain qualified leads for various products, such ashome insurance, funeral insurance and health insurance for seniors. These leads are exclusive, geolocated and verified to guarantee their relevance and commitment.


In the energy sector, Yacla provides qualified leads for products such as solar panels and heat pump installations. These leads are generated thanks to innovative strategies and total transparency in quality control.

Seamless integration with CRM systems

One of Yacla's distinctive features is the seamless integration of leads into existing CRM systems. By delivering leads directly into a company's CRM, Yacla streamlines the process, ensuring that sales teams can act quickly on new opportunities. This integration maximizes efficiency and helps maintain a well-organized lead management system.

Commitment to Quality and Transparency

Yacla prides itself on its commitment to quality and transparency. All leads go through a rigorous qualification process to ensure they meet specific criteria, giving companies the confidence that they are investing in valuable prospects. What's more, Yacla's transparent approach means there are no hidden costs, enabling companies to budget effectively.

Customized Lead Generation Campaigns

Understanding that every business is unique, Yacla offers customized lead generation campaigns tailored to each company's specific needs. Taking into account specific products and customer profiles, Yacla creates targeted campaigns that appeal to the right audience, increasing the chances of conversion and long-term customer relationships.

Increase your sales with Yacla's expertise

Increasing sales has never been easier with Yacla's expertise. With a team of experienced professionals and a robust lead generation system, Yacla ensures companies a constant flow of qualified leads. This constant lead generation is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge and achieving business growth.

Why choose Yacla for lead generation?

Choosing Yacla for lead generation offers many advantages. From innovative strategies and customized solutions to seamless CRM integration and a commitment to quality, Yacla provides a complete solution for companies looking to improve their lead acquisition efforts. In partnership with Yacla, companies can expect reliable, high-quality leads that drive sales and support long-term success.

Frequently asked questions

How does Yacla ensure lead quality?
Yacla uses a rigorous qualification process to check that all leads meet specific criteria, ensuring that companies receive only the most relevant and committed prospects.

Can Yacla's lead generation services be adapted to my sector?
Yes, Yacla offers lead generation solutions adapted to various sectors, including energy, telecommunications, renovation, B2B, security and insurance.

What are the costs associated with Yacla's lead generation services?
Yacla operates a transparent pricing model with no hidden charges. Costs are determined according to each company's specific lead generation needs.

How are leads delivered to my CRM system?
Yacla integrates leads directly into your CRM system, guaranteeing a transparent and efficient process for managing new prospects.

What sets Yacla apart from other lead generation providers?
Yacla stands out for its innovative strategies, commitment to quality and transparency,